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If you own a Farmtrac tractor you own a US orphan...although Escorts Tractors, India still produces Farmtracs. Farmtrac USA went out of business in 2008.  The nice thing about the Farmtrac 60 is that it is a clone of the Ford 3620 farm tractor so many parts are available from Ford, other vendors or remaining Farmtrac parts from old Farmtrac dealers. The tractor is still produced by Escorts of India and is exported throughout the world. 

As some of you know the forefather of the Farmtrac 60 is the Ford 3620.  A couple of years ago the Farmtrac 60 was renamed the Farmtrac 555.  I believe there are some differences in the fuel injection system.  Now the Farmtrac 555 has been rebadged as the Montana Limited 555.  


                   Slipping steering arm?

The bolts which hold the steering spindle arms on the
shafts are not grade 8 bolts.  The left front steering
spindle arm gets a lot of pressure from the power
steering ram.  

If you drive your Farmtrac 60 equiped with the 5320
loader around in the woods like I do you'll find that the
steering gets blocked by stumps, logs and irregular
terrain.  The OEM steering spindle arm bolts simply
stretch and you can not tighten the bolt enough to
keep the left front steering spindle arm from slipping
on the spindle shaft.

If you have this problem, go to the hardware store and
buy a grade 8 hardened bolt, nut washer and lock
washer.  I took the second OEM bolt I wore out with me
and found an off the shelf grade 8 bolt just about the
exact size at Lowes.  

The hardened bolt holds better, can be torqued to the
max yet, due to design, if the tractor is running with a
full loader load and runs into an obstacle the shaft will
slip to help prevent spindle or axle damage.

Battery Not Charging?

Try this fix. Dennis says "Farm Trac 60 alternator charge problem is caused by a burned out charge indicator lamp in the dash display!" I replaced the bulb and fixed the charging problem!
We bought our tractor in Aug 2003 - the tractor has over 500 hours on it.

Our 2003 Farmtrac 60 Problems and repairs.

Hydraulic Leak:

The leak is on the right side of the tractor where the low pressure line elbow enters the differential. I still have this irritating problem.

Slipping Steering Arm:

Acting on the suggestion of a Tractorbynet poster, I replaced the left steering arm retaining bolt with a hardened grade 8 bolt. The OEM bolts stretch. The bolt holds much better! No slipping.

Altinator Not Charging:

Fixed by replacing charge indicator lamp bulb

Farmtrac 60

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Farmtrac 60
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Wayne's  Farmtrac 60.  
He just put on a canopy
which he purchased
from a Kubota dealer.
A Montana 555, a Farmtrac 555 rebadged.
Turkish Farmtrac 555 - pretty fancy

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    Oil Filter:                  Purolator 30001
    Hydraulic Filter:        NAPA 1712

Steering arm connection with grade 8 bolt installedAlternator with wire for manual exciting the alternator
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