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Jim Hamrick in the Red Bay Farm forest

A garden is a key component for a backyard farm. A garden is a place where nutrients can be recycled into wholesome food.

The picture shows my experimentation with different garden types. The types shown are raised bed, square foot and a circle garden. Raised bed gardens are a requirement for my garden site which has a high seasonal water table, the soil is clay loam, has a hardpan, does not percolate well and is highly acid. A raised bed garden allows the building of good soil over the top of this poor native soil. The focus is on the growing beds rather than the paths. This economizes effort in the use of fertilizer as well as minimizes the requirement for cultivation since the raised beds are not compacted by foot traffic.

A misconception that many people may have is that costly power tools are required for gardening. While power tools may be nice they are not required at all for a small suburban garden. Most garden chores can be done with a garden spade, bucket and gardening trowel.

Raised bed gardens are just one garden style. Explore the links below and in the "News from Around the World" column to discover many other garden styles from every corner of the planet.

.As you explore new garden styles or gardening methods, I recommend not leaving out the old books from roughly 100 years ago...before chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In these old books, which are referenced throughout Redbay Farm, you will find, in many cases, more natural "recipes" for controlling insects, disease and providing nourishment for plants.

So, enjoy your virtual garden tour. Whether you are a beginner or an expert you should find something helpful on this page.


The War Garden Victorious ( Provides information on war gardens during The Great War...WWI )

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