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Trailering a canoe (or kayak) behind a bicycle is a novel but useful way to haul a canoe or kayak to the water. This means of transporting a canoe or kayak with a bike uses the vessel as a connection to the levers of the wheeled truck assembly. The axles of the wheels act as a fulcrum. The tongue is simply an extension of the vessel to provide clearance between the seat post (hitch point) and the vessel. The truck is attached to the vessel at the balance point or perhaps a little aft to slightly increase tongue weight. This is a really simple concept which in my case used wood...but, depending on your skills and available materials it could be made out of many different materials. Look at other canoe/kayak trailers on the internet and you will see that many use this concept.

The bicycle towed kayak or canoe trailer assembly has two components; a tongue and a truck. The concept is transferable to kayaks or other long rigid objects. The components will need to be adapted for your application. The image on the lower left corner shows a pvc prototype truck...not substantial enough for a scanoe but maybe good enough for a kayak. Levers and fulcrums are fun for children of all ages. You may want to refer to this article for some engineering tips as you design your own trailer. Happy biking!

Bicycle towed Canoe Trailer

Visit the links in the left column for bike news from around the world. You'll find some interesting stories. I really like the South American story about the family that biked from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

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