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Jim Hamrick in the Red Bay Farm forest

A bike canoe trailer is a novel but useful use of a bicycle to haul a canoe to the water.

This tongue and truck concept could also be used for other things such as hauling a small barrel of water for irrigation, a vegetable cart for neighborhood sales or just a simple box for hauling tools or groceries. The Redbay Farm bicycle canoe trailer was built for low cost using common materials. The trailer assembly has two components; a tongue and a truck.

Trailer tongue, truck and canoe

Below are close up views of different parts of the trailer tongue.

A simple trailer hitchTongue attachment to canoe

Below are closeups of the trailer truck.

Trailer truckTrailer truck

Want to see some different uses for bike trailers? Visit the links in the left column for bike trailer news from around the world. You will find some amazing uses for bike trailers. Have you used a bike for doing work on your backyard farm or have you read about or witnessed an innovative use for a bike trailer? Send your story to jim@redbayfarm.com .

Back by popular demand! The two liter minnow trap for you folks who like to tow your canoe to a fishing trip. It's really easy to make from scrap material: a two liter bottle, a bit of wire, some string and some bread for bait.

  1. Find a 2 liter plastic beverage container
  2. Cut off top end of container
  3. Invert top and insert in bottom of container
  4. Punch holes and join inverted top and bottom together with wire
  5. Bait with bread and catch minnows

Cut the Top off of a Two liter bottleInsert top upside down in to base of two liter bottleMosquito Fish...minnows

Solson Self Build Bike Trailers...Want something other than a canoe trailer...Visit Tony's Site

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