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Redbay Farm Daily Diary Entry

A diary of activities and thoughts can be viewed on the new Redbay Farm Diary page.

31 Oct 2014, Completed upload of all sections for Farmtrac 60 service manual for US Farmtrac 60s. Download sections at the Tractors page

The Old Tram Road30 Oct 2014, Finished doing trail cleaning. The picture to the left is of the road bed for the old tram road which at one time had a narrow gauge railroad installed. The tramway or railroad was used for the transporting of logs to the sawmills in Swansboro...I understand there where three sawmills in Swansboro: one at the current location of Casper's Marina, one at Deer Island and one around the location of the old Elementary School. We have about a quarter mile of the tram road on our place...likely one of the longer stretches of this historic railbed which is still intact. You can also see remnants of the old tram road in the Municipal Park on the woodland unpaved part of the walking trail...look for the parallel ditches.

Satellite Image of Redbay Farm and La Casita29 Oct 2014, Finished a few odds and ends for the weekly cleanup. Cleared trails to a height of about 8 feet and then bush hogged the trimmings.

I did some research looking through old maps available online. Superimposed a 1921 soil survey map over the current satellite image. Found that the center of my property was at one time the intersection of a narrow gauge railroad, two roads and a dirt path leading to a farm. The narrow gauge railroad was used to bring logs from as far away as the Hofmann Forest/Piney Green to Swansboro. Additionally, in 1921 there was no Highway 24.

What is now called Main Street Extension (State Road 1447) was the Jacksonville Road or as I have heard it called in the past the Colonial Road and Old Gate Road. On my property I find relics of the narrow gauge railroad...old heartwood pine ties and small railroad spikes. With 1000 foot of frontage on a road (State Road 1447) that dates to the late 1700's, an old narrow gauge rail bed that dates to the late 1800's and old farm house sites Redbay Farm has excellent potential for metal detector hobbyists.

There is a legend of John Moore's treasure being hidden on Redbay Farm but...it is probably just a legend. Metal detecting access is free and exclusively reserved for guests who stay at La Casita.

La Casita...the Redbay Farm guest house

After many request we have established a guest house. Come to the Crystal Coast of North Carolina and stay in our guest house, La Casita. Call our listing agent at 877.818.1014 if you would like to book a stay...minimum 2 night stay/small dogs allowed. La Casita offers guests an opportunity to experience backyard farming, explore our forest and visit natural local attractions.

Latest Review on La Casita (The Redbay Farm Guest House)

October 2014..."Jim was a wonderful host. The atmosphere when we arrived was inviting and he gave us the grand tour. Every possible accommodation was provided and we had a fantastic time. My children loved interacting with the goats and eating the delicious cookies that Jim made for us. The beds were comfy, and the master shower is a dream. The most memorable places are the backyard (we roasted marshmallows), watching movies and playing pool together. We all agree that La Casita was the very BEST AirBnB experience that we have had thus far. I would highly recommend this place for a high class, low cost relaxing vacation."

La CasitaThe KitchenThe Family RoomOpen Bright FloorplanThe Stained Glass Room
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Redbay Farm is a 47 acre suburban tree farm. This website provides useful information for anyone interested in becoming carbon neutral by owning a forest, raising a bit of food, managing a guest house, and day to day farm happenings. The Redbay Farm web site is dedicated to people like myself who have a connection to the land, a continuous desire to learn and desire to share information with others.

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To help myself and others I started this web site to capture ideas which I may implement at Redbay Farm. Some of the ideas I have collected may be of interest to visitors. All I ask is that they share any idea which works with other people. Have fun exploring the website pages and the links listed below.

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The Local Area - Drop by the Friendly City by the Sea

Swansboro is a great destination for people who would like to experience natural beauty and fresh food. Check out the bottom of this page for recommendations on restaurants, campgrounds, sight seeing destinations or even fishing charters when you are planning your trip to Swansboro, NC.

Are you planning to visit Swansboro, NC? During your visit to the Crystal Coast area of North Carolina please keep in mind that Redbay Farm is one of the many small tracts of forest and farmland still remaining in the area that contribute to the clean water, seafood resources and beauty of Bogue Sound, and the White Oak river. Just think about that when you see the beautiful clean water or eat a plate of local seafood. Clean water is a product of well managed forests and farms. Stay at a farmer's guest house rather than a hotel...you will have a better time and be supporting local people and help to preserve the environment.

By the way, if you really want to enjoy the local waters take a look at these web sites [Fish'N 4 Life or Fishhead Charters] and consider chartering a great fishing trip in the local rivers, sounds and beaches. Take the family on a fishing trip...they will love it!

If you are planning a trip check out the links below for information about some low cost destinations in or near "The Friendly City By the Sea." Click the "Let's Go" button after selecting a destination from the drop down list. You just can't miss if you plan a trip to Swansboro!

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