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Jim Hamrick in the Red Bay Farm forestOur small flock of chickensBeard the goat

After a long hiatus the Redbay farm website is being updated. Why so long? Life happens. So I will be going through the Redbay Farm site, adding content, fixing broken links and improving the presentation of information. Thanks for your kind patience. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email me at jim@redbayfarm.com Thanks! Jim Hamrick

Thoughts of the Day

23 Oct 2014, Dismantling an old shed to repurpose as the chicken coop. Added more sections of the Farmtrac 60 service manual

21 Oct 2014, Building a proper chicken coop big enough to house my current flock plus 4 more hens (4'X8') which will provide 4 square feet per chicken (7 hens and 1 rooster)

20 Oct 2014, Square foot gardens perfect over hardpan...a winter garden planted/sown...reconstruction begins

19 Oct 2014, Everybody loves chicken; in the morning dogs (electric fence scared them off); at night a raccoon attack (I got there just in time but my rooster may be blind in one eye); everybody loves chicken.

18 Oct 2014, Dawn, birds, roosters crowing, the bleats of the goats all joyously welcoming a new day.

17 Oct 2014, Blessings surround us; Be thankful!

Some new additions to Redbay Farm are a guest house and goats. Garden reconstruction is begining, the greenhouse will be refitted and animal facilities are being improved. Visit here often to keep up to date on the goings on here at Redbay farm.

After many request we have established a guest house. Come to the Crystal Coast of North Carolina and stay in our guest house, La Casita . La Casita offers guests an opportunity to experience backyard farming, explore our forest and visit natural attractions.

Latest Review on La Casita

October 2014..."Jim was a wonderful host. The atmosphere when we arrived was inviting and he gave us the grand tour. Every possible accommodation was provided and we had a fantastic time. My children loved interacting with the goats and eating the delicious cookies that Jim made for us. The beds were comfy, and the master shower is a dream. The most memorable places are the backyard (we roasted marshmallows), watching movies and playing pool together. We all agree that La Casita was the very BEST AirBnB experience that we have had thus far. I would highly recommend this place for a high class, low cost relaxing vacation."

La CasitaThe KitchenThe Family RoomOpen Bright FloorplanThe Stained Glass Room

Please send Redbay Farm an email if you need some information or just want to provide a comment on the web site. I look forward to hearing from you!

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