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Jim Hamrick in the Red Bay Farm forest

Hi, I'm Jim. Welcome to Redbay Farm!

About Redbay Farm and this web site

What is Redbay Farm all about? This article I wrote last year, Gardening Old Farm Land for Sustainability, gives an overview of what I think most urban and suburban dwellers should at least consider.

In summary, today's lovely suburbs and cities are yesterday's bountiful farms...whatever your motivation it would be a shame to let that yard of yours lie fallow forever. Why not put the land back to work providing some great food for your family and friend? Interested? Visit often as I explore developing my own little micro farm and share what I learn along the way.

Redbay Farm is a web site providing useful information for anyone interested in raising some of their own food. Redbay farm is also the name of my 47 acre suburban tree farm in Swansboro, North Carolina in the USA. The Redbay Farm web site is dedicated to people like myself who have a connection to the land, a continuous desire to learn and desire to share information with others.

I am proud of the great people and natural beauty of my hometown and local area. Swansboro is a great destination for people who would like to experience natural beauty and fresh food. Check out the bottom of this page for recommendations on restaurants, campgrounds, sight seeing destinations or even fishing charters when you are planning your trip to Swansboro, NC.

Useful Information

During your visit to the Redbay Farm web site I am sure you will find something of interest . Below are links to pages throughout the web site which will help you with your backyard, small farm or small holding effort. Like most backyard farmers, small farmers and small forest owners I work full time away from my home and my progress with projects is measured in very long periods of time like months weeks, years and sometimes decades.

To help myself and others I started this web site to capture ideas which I may implement at Redbay Farm. Some of the ideas I have collected may be of interest to visitors. If the items are of interest visitors are free to use them. All I ask is that they share any idea which works with other people. Anyway, below is a collection of some of the information I have gathered over the years which may be useful or of interest.

The list above is just a sampling of the information that is available throughout this web site. Visit the table of contents and you will find an index of web pages. Each page has a collection of information which is relevant to the subject of the page.

The Local Area - Drop by the Friendly City by the Sea

Are you planning to visit Swansboro, NC? During your visit to the Crystal Coast area of North Carolina please keep in mind that Redbay Farm is one of the many small tracts of forest and farmland still remaining in the area that contribute to the clean water, seafood resources and beauty of Bogue Sound, and the White Oak river. Just think about that when you see the beautiful clean water or eat a plate of local seafood. Clean water is a product of well managed forests and farms.

By the way, if you really want to enjoy the local waters take a look at these web sites [Fish'N 4 Life or Fishhead Charters] and consider chartering a great fishing trip in the local rivers, sounds and beaches. Take the family on a fishing trip...they will love it!

If you are planning a trip check out the links below for information about some low cost destinations in or near "The Friendly City By the Sea." Click the "Let's Go" button after selecting a destination from the drop down list. You just can't miss if you plan a trip to Swansboro!

Please send Redbay Farm an email if you need some information or just want to provide a comment on the web site. I look forward to hearing from you!

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